22.–24.05.2024 Large Language Models in the Performing Arts, ZHDK Zürich

Im Mai nehme ich an dem Symposion Large Language Models in the Performing Arts teil, ausgerichtet von der Zürcher Hochschule für Darstellende Künste. Weitere Teilnehmende sind Annie Dorsen, Cyberräuber, Kory Mathewson, Theresa Reiwer, Piotr Mirowski, Rocio Berenguer, Rudolf Rosa u.a. Tagsüber gibt es Workshops/Austausch für die Teilnehmenden, am Donnerstagabend gibt es eine „Posterausstellung“, die für Publikum geöffnet ist.

„As machines are learning how to use language and how to manipulate symbols, they are also entering the world of theatre and the performing arts in a much more profound way than ever before. Not only can they contribute to playwriting and storytelling, they can also reshape the theatrical system in general, changing the interactivity of actors and audiences, of bodies and stage technology. They can even become stage partners in improvisation and acting. Performing artists are starting to integrate this new technology into their artistic practices, developing new artistic strategies to master the technologies. The workshop is designed to advance this development by sharing knowledge on technological, artistic and ethical aspects of LLMs in the performing arts.“